Participant Bios


Barbara Adams


Alexandra Delano Alonso

Assistant Professor of Global Studies,Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts; Reclaiming Memory and Mourning: Grievability and Resistance in Mexico.

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Lina Sergie Attar

Co-founder and CEO of Karam Foundation; An Unsettled Syria: Recollecting and Reimagining Home.

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jonathan-bach-smallJonathan Bach

Associate Professor/Chair, Global Studies Program at the New School; In Place of… The Absent Presence of Berlin’s Palaces.

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malgo-smallMałgorzata Bakalarz-Duverger

PhD candidate, Sociology, NSSR; Spaces of Collective Memory, (Mis)Remembered Places.

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elisa-bertolotti-smallElisa Bertolotti

Assistant Professor, Art & Design Department, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Madeira; Stories from Trasenster. Light and Temporary Houses for a Desolate Place.

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Benoît Challand

Associate Professor, Sociology, NSSR.

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yemima-cohen-small Yemima Cohen-Aharoni

Post-PhD Fellow, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; The Temple of Jerusalem: The Memory of the Future and the Politics of the Present.

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krzysztof-czyzewski-small Krzysztof Czyżewski

Social activist, theater producer; founder/director of the Borderland Foundation, Sejny, Poland. An Invisible Bridge

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Clive Dilnot

Professor of Design Studies, School of Art and Design Studies, Parsons School of Design

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angdimadolfsen-small Angeliki Dimaki-Adolfsen

PhD Fellow, School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, Children Let’s Play:” examining play in refugee camps in northern Greece.

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caroline-dionne-small Caroline Dionne

Assistant Professor, School of Art and Design History and Theory, Parsons School of Design.

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Susana Draper

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Princeton University; Forms of Intervention by Collectives of Women Prisoners in Latin America Today.

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duf-small Liam Healy & Jimmy Loizeau

Lecturers, Goldsmiths College, London; Design Unlikely Futures and the Jungle of Calais.

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Elżbieta Janicka

Associate Professor, Institute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Science; False Symmetry. About Two Memorials in the Space of the Former Warsaw Ghetto.

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Yukiko Koga


Nora Krug

Associate Professor, Illustration, School of Art Media and Technology, Parsons School of Design; A Reading from Belonging (tentative title): A Visual Memoir on German Post-War identity and the Author’s Wartime Family History.

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adamlipszyc-small Adam Lipszyc

elzbieta-matynia-small Elżbieta Matynia

Professor of Liberal Studies and Sociology; director of the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies, NSSR. An Invisible Bridge

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terry-meade-smallTerry Meade

Principal Lecturer, Interior Architecture and Urban Studies, College of Arts & Humanities, University of Brighton, UK; Strangers in the House: Domestic Space in the Israel/Palestine Conflict.

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tania-aparicio-smallTania Aparicio Morales

william-morrish-smallWilliam Morrish

Professor of Urban Ecologies, Parsons School of Design

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jayce-smallJayce Salloum

sandoval-smallChristine Howard Sandoval

Artist, activist; part-time faculty, Parsons School of Design; Sharing Scarcity.

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Liz Ševčenkosevcenko_small

Director of the Humanities Action Lab, New School

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virginia-tassinari-small Virginia Tassinari

Assistant Professor and Researcher, LUCA School of the Arts, Genk, Belgium; States of Exception as Moments of Possibility for Design

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serhii-tereshchenko-small Serhii Tereshchenko

PhD candidate, Department of Slavic Studies, Columbia University; Cities Against Humans: Life in the Abandoned Cities after Chernobyl.

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traganou-smallJilly Traganou

Associate Professor of Spatial Studies, School of Art and Design History and Theory, Parsons School of Design; Practices of Prefigurative Habitus: Creating Radical Home/lands at the Standing Rock Protest Camps.

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Desirée Valaderes

PhD Student, Architectural History, College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley; The Pilgrimage: Interethnic Relations and Cross-Race Solidarity at Former Sites of Japanese American Confinement.

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Otto von Busch

Associate Professor of Integrated Design, Parsons School of Design.

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wagner-smallAleksandra Wagner

Assistant Professor, Sociology, New School for Public Engagement

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Mia White

Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, New School for Public Engagement; Unearthing a Blues Epistemology towards Solidarity and Environmental Justice.

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Susan Yelavich

Associate Professor/Director, Design Studies MA, Parsons: Design as Damage, Erasure, Repair, and (or) Renewal.

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