Yukiko Koga

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Hunter College, CUNY

Inheritance and Betrayal: Historical Preservation and Colonial Nostalgia in Harbin, China

Yukiko Koga’s current research explores the generational transfer of unaccounted-for-pasts stemming from Japanese imperialism in China. She inquires what it means for both Chinese and Japanese to come to terms with the Japanese imperialism seventy years after Japan’s original violence and injustice in China ended with the Japanese defeat and the disappearance of its empire in 1945, and how the introduction of the market economy in China has created a new dynamic concerning the contested yet under-explored past for both Chinese and Japanese. Her first book project takes place within a burgeoning economic sphere in Northeast China, while her second and third projects take place within a transnational legal sphere. Her book, Inheritance of Loss: China, Japan, and the Political Economy of Redemption After Empire (University of Chicago Press, 2016), explores how the current generation of ordinary Chinese and Japanese, two to three generations removed from the direct experience of Japanese imperialism, encounter each other and experience and navigate colonial inheritances in the urban everyday of Northeast China.


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