Mia White

Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, New School for Public Engagement

Unearthing a Blues Epistemology towards Solidarity and Environmental Justice

Mia Charlene White is Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies within the undergraduate Schools for Public Engagement (SPE) Environmental Studies Program, with a co-teaching appointment at the Milano School for International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy, and is also affiliated faculty with the Tishman Environment and Design Center, and the Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies. Her interests center on critiquing and further developing an empirically and historically based social theory of “urban”, “environmental”, and “natural” spaces, with specific centering of mutual transformation, Black resistance, radical pedagogy, and critical histories. Mia has been honored as a Ford Foundation Minority Fellow and a National Science Foundation Fellow; her published work has been awarded the Marsha Ritzdorf Prize for the Best Student Work on Diversity, Social Justice and the Role of Women in Planning, by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP), a consortium of university-based programs offering credentials in urban and regional planning. Her in-development first book project seeks to extend the groundbreaking work of the late geographer Clyde Woods (Blues Epistemology).


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