Jonathan Bach


Associate Professor/Chair, Global Studies Program at the New School

In place of…: The absent presence of Berlin’s Palaces

Jonathan Bach is Associate Professor of International Affairs at The New School in New York, chair of the interdisciplinary Global Studies undergraduate program and affiliated faculty in Anthropology. His work looks at social transformation in Germany and China with a focus on questions of memory, material culture, urban change, and space and identity. He is the author of What Remains: Everyday Encounters with the Socialist Past in Germany (Columbia University Press, forthcoming 2017), co-editor of Learning from Shenzhen: China’s Post-Mao Experiment from Special Zone to Model City (University of Chicago Press, 2017) and author of Between Sovereignty and Integration: German Foreign Policy and National Identity after 1989 (St. Martin’s Press). His articles have appeared, among others, in Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Politics, Public Culture, Theory, Culture and Society, Cultural Politics, and Philosophy and Social Science. He served as the co-chair of the German Studies Association Interdisciplinary Memory Studies Network from 2013-16 and is a founding member of the Memory Studies Association.


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