Terry Meade


Principal Lecturer, Interior Architecture and Urban Studies, College of Arts & Humanities, University of Brighton, UK

Strangers in the House: Domestic Space in the Israel/Palestine Conflict

Terry Meade is a Principal Lecturer at the University of Brighton in the Interior Architecture and Urban Design programme. He has a background in architecture, fine art and engineering, all of which contribute to his research interests.

Current research consists of two parallel investigations, both of which are concerned with domestic space. The first explores narratives that unfold in specific places and the way they may be used to negotiate a spatial environment. The use of narrative is considered to be an inherited capability forming individual and communal histories particular to the experience of a place. The second investigation is conducted through work carried out in Israel / Palestine for the past ten years, building houses with an Israeli peace group. Together these two strands have contributed to PhD research about the way issues of security, (walls, barriers and borders), have contributed to a particular shaping of domestic space.


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