Alexandra Delano Alonso


Assistant Professor of Global Studies,Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

Reclaiming Memory and Mourning: Grievability and Resistance in Mexico.

Alexandra Délano Alonso is Assistant Professor of Global Studies. Dr. Délano Alonso specializes in the study of Mexico-US migration, with a particular focus on migration policies from a transnational perspective. The question of state responsibility and how this is defined and practiced in different aspects related to the mobility of people is at the core of her work. She examines questions about how conceptions of migrants’ rights and responsibilities are changing in a context of increasing transnational connections. Her specific focus is on undocumented migration and the ways in which migrants with precarious legal status are rendered visible or invisible by the state in particular contexts, and the ways in which they and their allies challenge these structures.  Her book Mexico and Its Diaspora in the United States: Policies of Emigration since 1848 (Cambridge University Press, 2011) was the co-winner of the William LeoGrande Prize for the best book on US-Latin America Relations and was published in Spanish by El Colegio de México in 2014. She is co-editor of Borders and The Politics of Mourning (Social Research, 2016) with Benjamin Nienass. Their joint publications on this topic include scholarly articles in the journals Politics and Societyand Social Research, the Handbook of Memory Studies, and blog essays published in English and Spanish. She received her Ph.D. in International Relations at Oxford University.


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